Cheap auto insurance for college students

The world is a tough place for the young. All the adults say they know better and insist on telling the young what not to do. This is particularly annoying for college students. Not only do many of them struggle with the classes, they are often forced to work to pay the bills. That’s even though they may have taken out loans. Making ends meet when you’re at college is tough. And on top of all that, the insurance industry tells everyone under the age of twenty-five they are an accident waiting to happen on the roads and give them the highest insurance rates among all drivers. This means college students are always looking for cheap auto insurance. That’s “cheap” when measured against everyone else under twenty-five. So what options are there if students want to keep down their costs?

We start off with the eternal question of the parents’ policy. If you live with your parents when you go to college, all insurers allow you as a named driver on one of the family cars. Although it delays the time when you can build up your own record as an insured driver, it does work out the cheapest option. Insurers usually offer discounts for covering multiple vehicles and their drivers. So although your individual rate will be higher, it’s partly set off against the discount for multiple vehicles. Remember you may not be entitled to this option if you leave home to attend college. Ask your current insurer for guidance.

The latest option is the pay-as-you-drive plan which fits technology to your vehicle to monitor how you drive. Assuming you have low mileage and drive safely, you will be rewarded with cheap auto insurance. But accelerate fast, swerve violently or slam on the brakes and you could quickly find your rates rising rapidly. This is one of these invasion of privacy issues you must resolve for yourself. Lower premiums for real-time monitoring of your driving.

As a student, you’re already entitled to discounts if you take one of the defensive driving courses approved by your insurer and keep your GPA above 3.0. There are decades of statistics showing that students with better grades drive more safely. Finally look very carefully at the choice of make and model to drive. Even though many of the vehicles with the lowest rates are not so cool to drive, you should bite the bullet and drive one. Add in wearing seat belts and keeping down the number of passengers. Both reduce the number of accidents involving injuries. Assuming you bought a car with air bags, seat belt complete the circle of protection. Driving on your own reduces distractions and makes you a safer driver. Remember not to text while driving. All these suggestions mean you will get access to cheap auto insurance.